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Adeline Ramos

Lead Photographer + Creative 

As a daughter of immigrants, I've always been drawn to the beauty and diversity of the world. I’m deeply rooted in my values of humanitarianism, compassion, and embracing life to the fullest with grace and gratitude.

For over a decade, I've been capturing stories of love and all things alluring through my lens. With a keen eye for detail and a love of storytelling, I've photographed in some of the most stunning destinations across the world, from the rolling hills of Tuscany and the majestic cliffs of Maui, to the calming Irish countryside and the bustling streets of Istanbul.

Along the way, I've had the honor of working with discerning clients who share my appreciation for life, the finer things, and the power of love.
In every photo, I strive to capture not just an image, but the essence of the moment - the laughter and the tears, the immense celebrations, the smallest of details, and the things that often go unnoticed. 

Always a lover of travel, food, and fashion, I believe that beauty can be found in both the grandest and the simplest of moments. Every detail holds a world of wonder waiting to be discovered.

Through my work, I strive to capture not just the honesty of the moment, but the love, joy, and compassion that make life worth living. Above all, I am committed to leaving the world kinder and more beautiful than I found it.

"I want to honor this life, find beauty in everything, and leave behind a legacy of light, love, and humanity." 

Pisces   |  ☽ Aries  |  ⇮ Aquarius


Noticing the magic of our world

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been inspired by the way that no two days look alike, the vastness and resilience of nature, and places (and people) with character and stories to tell. Pursuing beauty centers me, and infinitely moves me to appreciate this existence and the world we share.


true love & Laughter

A natural born romantic and lover, I've always been drawn to stories where true love was the central theme. I can't get enough of how healing and magical love and laugher is. You'll almost always find me smiling, looking for the silver lining, and being amused by some sweet silly thing Erik says (love that man).  


Music & the Dance Floor

Before I could walk, I was dancing. With my eclectic tastes range from Bach to Bad Bunny, you're likely to find me photographing while lip-syncing to most songs. Something about being in energy with the music helps me capture moments as they happen on the dance floor, whether it's a perfectly timed dip, or your bestie busting moves.  

Great loves



Partner + Photographer

A photographer, writer, and classically-trained chef who was born and bred in New York and seasoned in New Orleans, for the past decade, I’ve been working as a professional photographer, bringing my unique artistic vision to every shoot.

Working alongside Adeline, my partner in life for 15 years, has been a privilege, and I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with her in all aspects of life.
My love of food, travel, and architecture has taken me on incredible adventures all over the world as a journalist and photographer.

Each experience has expanded my palate and deepened my appreciation for the beauty in life. My time at Tulane University in New Orleans was particularly inspiring, as it introduced me to a one-of-a-kind culture that inspired me to dedicate much of my life to food.

After graduation, I decided to become a classically-trained chef, honing my skills in fine dining before transitioning to food journalism. 

"Photography is one of the ways I connect with the world. It's a medium that creates a portal to a feeling, a memory, a story." 

My work as a journalist allowed me to explore the world's best restaurants and food tourism experiences, adding a unique perspective to my artistic vision as a photographer.

I believe that every photograph should tell a story and evoke emotion. With my diverse background and unique perspective, I bring a fresh and exciting perspective to every project. Whether it's capturing the joy and excitement of a wedding or the raw emotion of a portrait, I approach every project with the same passion and dedication.

Aquarius   |  ☽ Aries  |  ⇮ Gemini


Experiencing Life through Food

Whether it's trying a dish I've never had, or creating something new in the kitchen, food has always been my favorite way to experience life. In my humble opinion it's the best way understand a culture and bring people together. 


Playing Guitar & Making Music

I've been playing guitar and making music most of my life. It's a form of meditation and creative expression for me. Following rhythm and having musical timing is a lot like finding the moments at an event.  


nyc & NYC Sports teams

A Knicks fan since I can remember, a Mets fans since before I could walk, a Rangers fan even though you'll never find me on the ice. As a native New Yorker, I was raised to love my teams win or lose, and I learned to always root for the underdog.

Great loves


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Keeping true to our values of compassion and humanitarianism, we believe that nutritious meals are a gateway to a life well lived.

When you commission You Look Lovely to capture your celebration, a percentage of every event package booked goes to ending world hunger. Ask us about the organizations that we support on our discovery call.


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